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Welcome to Broward Elite - Classes.  We offer Tumbling Classes for children ages 4 to 18 based on Skill Level. Classes are small group lessons with our experienced instructors.  Only $15 per class for Non-Broward Elite Team Members.  On a Broward Elite Team?  Classes are only $10.  We also offer "Unlimited Classes" for $125 per month.  Come as often as you like to any of our classes ( at your skill level) for one low price ( you can start with Unlimited during the month and we will pro-rate the fee accordingly).  Come learn that next new skill with Broward Elite!!!
**Broward Elite is proud to have trained numerous World Champions**

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iconClass List Updated May 25th, 2015

*Broward Elite CLASS SCHEDULE*

Broward Elite offers a variety of Level 1 - 5 tumbling classes as well as stunt classes to aid in the growth of your athletes tumbling, cheerleading and overall well-being.  Each of our classes include the fundamentals of tumbling including stretching, drill training, progression training and conditioning.  We always teach perfection before progression to keep our athletes moving forward in a healthy and safe atmosphere.  We look forward to helping your athlete in the near future!

Call for additional information: 954-577-3332
Effective: 22-July-14

Tumbling Classes
Each class: $10 for Tigers … $15 for Non-Members$

$50 for 1 Month of Instruction (1 class per week - $10 savings)

OR Pay $100 per month For Unlimited Classes! (Only Tumbling and Stretch Class)


Level 1 - Beginner Athletes - Working on fundamentals, handstands, rolls, cartwheels, roundolfs, FWO, BWO, Prepping for BHS

Level 2 - Beginner-Intermediate - Level 1 Mastered. Athletes who have some fundamentals, working on backhandsprings or series.

Level 3 - Intermediate - Levels 1 and 2 Mastered.  Athletes who are working on RBHS Tucks, Variety passes and Standing Series/Jump Series

Level 4 - Intermediate/Advanced - Levels 1,2,3 Mastered.  Athletes who are working on standing tucks, standing series to tuck, Layouts and Combos.

Level 5 - Advanced - Levels, 1-4 Mastered.  Athletes working on elite standing and running combos including twisting and varieties (arabian, whip, std, full) 

BHS- Back-handspring, RO- Round-off, FWO- Front Walkover, BWO- Back Walkover
Classes Class Requirements
Cartwheel + RO Class No Requirements
BWO + FWO Class Cartwheel + Round-off
BHS Class Cartwheel + Round-off (Tigers must have BWO)
Tuck + Layout Class Standing BHS + RO-BHS-Rebound
Fulls, Doubles, + Tricks Class RO-BHS-Layout
* You must be able to do the required skill to be in each class *


6:00-7:00 -  Level 1 Class - Beginner Tumbling - Back/front walkovers, Roundoff, Handstands

7:30-8:30 - Levels 2/3 - Back Handspring, Round Off Back Handspring, Back Handspring Series, Backtuck


7:30-8:30 - Level 2 Tumbling - Backhandsprings, series, variations to backhanspring



Level 1 Class 7:00-8:00

Cheer Dance Class 8:00-9:00


5:30-6:30pm- Level 1 Round Offs, Cartwheels, Backwalkovers, Handstands

5:30-6:30pm - Level 2 - Backahnsprings, backhandspring series, variations to backhandspring

6:00-7:00pm- Level 5, Layouts, Fulls, Doubles, Variety Combinations

6:00-7:00pm- Level 3/4, Tucks, Roundolf BHS Tucks, Standing Series, Jump Series and punch fronts

7:00-8:00pm- Advanced Stunt - Level 3,4,5 bases and flyers

7:00-8:00pm- Open Gym ($5)


9:30-10:30- Tiny Class - 3-5 Year olds work on Fundamentals, Strength Stretching and Skill Building

9:30-10:30am- Level 1 Class, Walkovers, Cartwheels, Round-Offs

9:30-10:30am- Level 2/3, Back Handsprings and Tucks

10:30-12pm- Special Needs

10:30-11:30am- Beginner Stunt

11:30-12:30pm - Jump Class

12:30-1:30pm - Cheer Dance - 


Contact Jenn to schedule Birthday Parties, Choreography, Skills Camps and more!

iconSummer Camp

Broward Elite Summer Camp

Your #1 choice for FUN, Cheer Skills Development, and more FUN!!!
Every day is action packed teaching your children Cheer & Dance, Gymnastics / Tumbling, Games, Fitness, and much much more. Our experienced staff is the best in the business and uniquely focused on safety, skills progression and ensuring your children have an incredible time in our state of the art 12,000 sq ft and fully air conditioned facility. We also have two large parent seating areas with FREE wireless internet. Sign up for a week or multiple weeks and SAVE….!!!
*One time registration fee of $35 
 ____ June 8-12 ____ June 15-19 ____ June 22-26  ____ June 29-July 3
____ July 6-10 ____ July 13-17 ____ July 20-24 ____ July 27-31
 ____ August 10-17* ____Aug 17-21*
*August 10-14 & August 17-21 pending # of athletes

           $150 Cheer Camp Per Week - $165/wk after May 1st        
$45 Cheer Camp Per Day    
 $10 Early Drop-off (8am) AND/OR  Late Pick-up (5pm) Per Week 
10%Sibling Discount
Camp Schedule is 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Mon-Fri
Ages 4 to 14 with no experience to advanced - everyone is welcome
2014 Summer Camp Tentative Schedule

8:00-8:45- Early Drop-Off                                     

8:45-9:00- Drop-Off                                              

9:00-9:30- Stretch & Warm-up                            

9:30-12:00- Jumps & Tumbling                                              

12:00-12:30- Lunch                                              

12:30-1:30- Movies, Games, Relax                                         

1:30-3:30- Choice of More Tumbling OR Daily Cheer Activity (Cheers, Dance, Stunts, etc.)                                  

3:30-4:00- Condition/ Games  

4:00-4:30- Pick-Up

4:30-6:00- Late Pick-Up