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Welcome to Broward Elite - Classes.  We offer Tumbling Classes for children ages 4 to 18 based on Skill Level. Classes are small group lessons with our experienced instructors.  Only $15 per class for Non-Broward Elite Team Members.  On a Broward Elite Team?  Classes are only $10.  We also offer "Unlimited Classes" for $125 per month.  Come as often as you like to any of our classes ( at your skill level) for one low price ( you can start with Unlimited during the month and we will pro-rate the fee accordingly).  Come learn that next new skill with Broward Elite!!!
**Broward Elite is proud to have trained numerous World Champions**

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iconClass List Updated March 2015

*2013-2014 Broward Elite CLASS SCHEDULE*

Broward Elite offers a variety of Level 1 - 5 tumbling classes as well as stunt classes to aid in the growth of your athletes tumbling, cheerleading and overall well-being.  Each of our classes include the fundamentals of tumbling including stretching, drill training, progression training and conditioning.  We always teach perfection before progression to keep our athletes moving forward in a healthy and safe atmosphere.  We look forward to helping your athlete in the near future!

Call for additional information: 954-577-3332
Effective: 22-July-14

Tumbling Classes
Each class: $10 for Tigers … $15 for Non-Members$

$50 for 1 Month of Instruction (1 class per week - $10 savings)

OR Pay $100 per month For Unlimited Classes! (Only Tumbling and Stretch Class)


Level 1 - Beginner Athletes - Working on fundamentals, handstands, rolls, cartwheels, roundolfs, FWO, BWO, Prepping for BHS

Level 2 - Beginner-Intermediate - Level 1 Mastered. Athletes who have some fundamentals, working on backhandsprings or series.

Level 3 - Intermediate - Levels 1 and 2 Mastered.  Athletes who are working on RBHS Tucks, Variety passes and Standing Series/Jump Series

Level 4 - Intermediate/Advanced - Levels 1,2,3 Mastered.  Athletes who are working on standing tucks, standing series to tuck, Layouts and Combos.

Level 5 - Advanced - Levels, 1-4 Mastered.  Athletes working on elite standing and running combos including twisting and varieties (arabian, whip, std, full) 

BHS- Back-handspring, RO- Round-off, FWO- Front Walkover, BWO- Back Walkover
Classes Class Requirements
Cartwheel + RO Class No Requirements
BWO + FWO Class Cartwheel + Round-off
BHS Class Cartwheel + Round-off (Tigers must have BWO)
Tuck + Layout Class Standing BHS + RO-BHS-Rebound
Fulls, Doubles, + Tricks Class RO-BHS-Layout
* You must be able to do the required skill to be in each class *

iconPrivate Lessons - What skill are you looking to learn or perfect?

NEW Private and Class Price List

$50- 1 Hour Tumbling Private (1 Student)
$25- per student- 1 Hour Tumbling Private (2 Students)
$35- 30 Minute Tumbling Private (1 Student)

Stunting Privates:
$60 1 Hour Stunting Private (1 Student)
$30.00- per student- 1 Hour Stunting Private (2 Students)
$35- 30 Minute Stunting Private

Open Tumbling Classes:
$5 Open Tumbling Class – Non-Team Members
$10 Open Tumbling Class – Elite Team Members
Five Dollar Fridays – Elite Team Members


**Elite will not allow more than 2 people in a private lesson.